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Eating Monkey Brain!

9 March 2008 37,516 views 10 Comments

If you have weak heart don’t watch this. This video is really gross. Shows you exactly how people eat monkey. Just unbelievable.

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  • nell said:

    very cruel!!!

  • kim said:

    I cant believe it! i dont know how anyone in there right mind could do anyting so mean. i mean those monkeys dont desever to be treated like that. if you like monkey brains so much why dont you tried killing them humainly. it would be so much more aproprate if it was done nicely and people wouldnt be so mad about it. i know if i was a monkey i would just kill myself if i knew that i was going to have to die like that. it is so disgusting to me that there are people on this earth that would do something so cruel. I am ashamed of what this world is coming to!

  • kim said:

    wow! i am still just so upset about that disgusting video! I know it is dumb to say “how would you feel if that was your animal, or if you where that animal how would you like someone to put you on a table, screw something into your head and eat your brains right out of your head after you just went through getting killed so meanly,” but it is totally true in this case! and i have no problem saying that.

  • Sean said:

    Yumm Yumm

  • Jeff said:

    what? two bonks on the head ain’t humane enuf for ya?

  • George said:

    All I can say is I would love to get my hands on the sick in the head S.O.B.s that did this for just 5 minutes, this is the cruelest, most inhumane thing I have ever seen, and I would take great pleasure in beating them all half to death, and then letting some wild Chimpanzees finish them off by eating them alive, and if you ask me, that would be letting them off easy!

  • George said:

    If anyone thinks my previous comments were too harsh, then I sincerely hope they get reincarnated as the next monkeys in line to go in the table.

  • Jeff Burnsed said:

    This is hideous, anti-God, dangerous to one’s health and beyond wicked. It is an example of a Christ-less culture…and a great way to contract disease from the animal..including AIDS.

  • SuperMonkey26 said:

    Don’t worry people. This is from the Faces of Death series and is fake.

  • mikw said:

    i dont know, looked fake.if not it is inhumane to do such a thing

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